Thursday, September 18, 2008

Importance of Digital Signature

A digital signature helps to keep a document that is transmitted electronically authentic - meaning HTML clipboard the recipient of the document knows who has created it, and is also assured that there have been no alterations to the document after it left the sender.

The digital signature used by the sender of the document `encrypts' or locks the document. He uses keys to encrypt it. Only the authorised recipient, who has the appropriate key to the document, can open it once he receives it. Software takes care of the digital signature processes.

For more information on how a digital signature keeps a document tamper-proof, please look up this URL:


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  1. hey there, nicely written article; well summarized. I just started learning all these algorithms that are being used along the whole process of signing, its a whole new beautiful world, I really think its the next generation of computer security.


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