Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Do's And Don'ts At Resume Preparation

What is Resume ? How to prepare It ? What should be there in it? How to tune it to the best ? What mistakes to be avoided ? To say all these in simple steps , just go through these points …

Resume Preparation - Do’s

  • Before you Prepare, select the right format for your Resume. The most important information, such as your key skills and recent expertise, needs to be near the top, where it can be seen straightaway.
  • Always check for errors. Run a spell and grammar check and ask someone else to read it for you.
  • Unless the advertisement specified you not to, always send a covering letter. This should highlight the two or three areas of expertise from your Resume that are most relevant to the advertised job.
  • Even though you obviously want to present yourself well, don't go too far and give false information at any time.

Resume Preparation - Don’ts

  • Spelling Errors, Typo Graphical Errors and Poor Grammar
  • Long Resumes
  • Personal Information Unrelated to the Job

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