Saturday, January 1, 2011

Automate your Broadband Connection with this Utility

It is quite easy to download during off peak hours as the speed will be better and it does not affect you browsing. If you own a BSNL connection, you can also avail the night unlimited facilty. Go through the following

1. Switch ON at 2.00 am (or any time you prefer)
Your BIOS may have this feature. If you are not an advanced user, better option will be to leave your PC ON on minimal power management mode. Like switch off the monitor and hard disk.
2. Connect to internet
Once your PC is ON, you need to connect to internet. Use a dialler for this purpose. If you connect to internet by simply switching ON your modem, you are using PPPoE mode and you need to change it to Bridge mode in your modem.
You can use any reliable auto dialler for this purpose. There are no. of methods for this function. Let us discuss a few.
Method 1:* For PPPoE mode
Imrans’s Broadband Helper Utility
More details :
Method 2: For Bridge mode
Create batch files for connecting and disconnecting internet. Use this to connect and reconnect at desired timings.
More details : (NU Configuration)

3. Connect back to the net
It is all well done for a good sleep. But ISPs are not efficient enough to guarantee this. Our process may be disrupted if internet connection disconnects due to some line problems. Not to worry, not to worry. We can fix that too.
Imran’s Broadband Helper Utility automatically redials if there is a connection failure. Let us see a few other tools too.
ReConnect 1.5
More details: Download ReConnect 1.5 - ReConnect is a free utility that will automatically reconnect an internet connection when it disconnect - Softpedia
4. Schedule it
Now we need to find softwares that can download effectively during desired time slot. Files can be downloaded as two types,
1. Directly from websites,
2. As torrent downloads from seeds and peers.
Our regular download falls in the first category. If you are planning download bigger files, it is wise to choose torrents.
For regular downloads, we can use a download manager to automate the process. You can choose either Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) or Free Download Manager (FDM) for this purpose. Both can pause and resume downloads.
For torrents, utorrent is the best client. It is light and consumes lesser resources. It also provides search facility for torrent. utorrent was recently adopted by Bitorrent (Bittorrent invented Peer to Peer transfer).
5. Disconnect Internet
Imran’s Broadband Utility can disconnect your internet at any prescribed time.
6. Shutdown
You can either schedule a shutdown or use Imran’s Broadband Utility to shutdown at a prescribed time.
1 Step tip s
If you have an unlimited internet connection, simply download utorrent, DAP or FDM and schedule your downloads on a desired time.
Go here to download the latest version of utorrent.
ĀµTorrent - a (very) tiny BitTorrent client
Go here to download the latest version of Download Accelerator Plus (DAP).
Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) - Free Download Manager
Go here to download the latest version of Free Download Manager (FDM).
Free Download Manager - absolutely free download accelerator and manager

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