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10 Tips to Save our Money Smartly

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Money saved is money earned. Make this your mantra in 2015 and begin your journey on the road to riches. Work fetches money and that is what keeps us going. But how about money fetching more money?

'Money fetching more money' should be your goal. And the first step for that is learning to save. It does not mean you cut down on occasional weekend dinners or not give in to the retail therapy once in a while. Saving need not be boring. You just need to think a little and make it a part of your lifestyle.

1. Review that home loan: Take time out to review the interest that is paid on your home loan. There is so much competition for this product in the market and you must take advantage of this. Make sure your bank is giving you the best deal. If not, compare and negotiate.

2. Too many cards kill the budget: Empty those credit cards from your wallet and pick two which you want to continue with. The deciding factors should be reward points and low interest rate. Since, mostly one credit card carries only one of these benefits at a time, it is a good strategy to retain two cards. Having limited cards also helps keep a tab on spending habits. Spending is done more consciously and unnecessary expenses are automatically cut down.

3. Savingup tips for car loans: Negotiate for better rates using your Cibil credit score. Lenders often offer lower rates for borrowers with better Cibil scores. Also make sure you don't finance the car add-ons. For the accessories or add-ons check with local dealers for better rates. That way it turns out to be a cheaper option, rather than paying interest on it up to the entire loan repayment.

4. Get organised: Arrange for all bills, statements, etc. to reach you before a pre-decided date every month. On a weekend evening, analyse and check for mysterious charges. This habit will also help you recognise your spending patterns as they can then be corrected or planned in advance, thus helping you save money.

5. Plan ATM trips: Impose a restriction on your ATM visits. This simple act helps in numerous ways. Expenses are planned in advance since cash needs to be withdrawn accordingly. There is no room left for temptation to withdraw cash whenever an ATM is in the vicinity. Many banks have started charging customers for ATM usage when the number of transactions cross the permitted transactions number. By planning withdrawals in advance one can easily avoid bearing such charges.

6. Saving while getting insured: No one understands your needs like you do. Do your homework and work out your own insurance amount. Agents have a tendency to talk you into more. Also, before buying any new insurance check if you are already adequately covered under an existing insurance scheme. If not, go in only for the additional amount. It is also a smart thing to shop around a bit after you have worked out the requirements. Go for an insurance plan that suits you the best. And while at it, remember that insurance works best when it is not coupled as a saving plan.

7. Track your expenses: Have a personal tracker to keep a check on your daily expenses. Either maintain a small diary if you are old school, like geeks do or download a mobile application which will help you with this. Analysing expenses on a regular basis can prove to be a very effective way to save on expenses which are unnecessary.

8. Choose banks wisely: Take stock of all the bank accounts and lockers which you own. It's time to de-clutter and get organised. Shut down accounts which have not been used for regular transactions since six months or more. Also,= check on the lockers currently in use. It is not uncommon to change lockers along with a change in address. However, the old lockers remain in your name. Closing old accounts and lockers can free up the deposit money which can be reinvested as per your own.

9. Save up during sale season: Retail therapy indulgence reaches new levels during the sale season. While discounts on products leave you with some free money after the purchase, why not make this free money work for you. Next time you avail a discount, deposit the discounted amount into your savings account and incorporate it in the investment plan.

10. Don't leave your investments unattended: While one does feel a sense of relief after planning, choosing and implementing an investment scheme, it is important to note that these investments need to be reviewed regularly. A decision made two years ago may not be fetching the same returns today. Analyse and decide your next investment move accordingly.

Saving is not a onetime plan but a way of life. This is one habit which will fetch positive returns right from the moment you start.

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

About Infosys Technologies

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Infosys Technologies (NASDAQ: INFY) is a Globally recognized India-based IT Services, Consulting and outsourcing company. The company defines, designs and delivers IT-enabled business solutions that help Global 2000 companies win in a flat world. These solutions focus on providing strategic differentiation and operational superiority to clients. With Infosys, clients are assured of a transparent business partner, world-class processes, speed of execution and the power to stretch their IT budget by leveraging the Global Delivery Model that Infosys pioneered. Infosys has over 100,000 employees and operates globally from 21 countries.

On the Stock Market

Infosys Technologies is listed on BSE, NSE and NASDAQ. Known to be a conservative company, Infosys is well known to give a lower guidance for the stock markets and beat it rather than set higher expectations and not reaching them.


  • KV Kamath (Chairman)
  • S Gopalakrishnan (Co-Chairman)
  • SD Shibulal (CEO & MD)
  • Chief Financial Officer: Rajiv Bansal (to take over in November 2012)


  • NR Narayana Murthy
  • Nandan Nilekani
  • N. S. Raghavan
  • S. Gopalakrishnan
  • S. D. Shibulal
  • K Dinesh
  • Ashok Arora


Finacle Universal Banking Solution

Clients include The Co-operative Financial Services (CFS) (since April 2009)


  • Infosys BPO


  • In March 09, the company was awarded multi-million dollar support contract from Telstra, Australia competing with rival IBM Global Services.
  • On May 21, 2009, 5 Infosys employees are killed and eight injured when their bus overtuned at Sankeshwar, 40 kms from Belgaum, Karnataka, India
  • July 09: SABMiller has chosen Infosys to conduct in-store projects leveraging the Infosys ShoppingTrip360 solution to analyze shopper and shelf activity around their beverage brands, helping improve the uptake of SABMiller products.


  • 2009 1st Quarter (ending June 30, 2009): Announed on July 10, 2009: Revenues were $ 1,122 million for the quarter ended June 30, 2009; YoY decline was 2.9%. Net income after tax was $ 313 million for the quarter ended June 30, 2009; YoY growth was 1.6%. Earnings per American Depositary Share (ADS) increased to $ 0.55 from $ 0.54; YoY growth of 1.9%
  • 2009 2nd Quarter (ending September 30, 2009) : Announced on October 9, 2009: Revenue stood at Rs 5,585 crore. The company has raised the guidance for full-year revenue and earnings per share (EPS) giving signs of a possible recovery for the IT industry
  • 2012 1st Quarter (ending June 30, 2012): Infosys second quarter revenue stands at Rs. 9616 crore
  • 2012 2nd Quarter (ending September 30, 2012): Infosys second quarter revenue stands at Rs. 9858 crore, up 2.5% QoQ

Infosys Technologies stock price on select dates

  • Sensex: March 30, 2009: Rs 1295.50
  • Sensex: June 3, 2009: 1,694.25
  • Sensex: June 9, 2009: Rs 1,777.55

The Infosys Foundation

Established in 1996, the Infosys Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Infosys Technologies Ltd. and has the sole objective of fulfilling the social responsibility of the company by creating opportunities and working toward a more equitable society. The Infosys Foundation has made effective strides in the areas of healthcare, education, social rehabilitation, and the arts. The company contributes up to one percent of its profit to the foundation each year.

ACM-Infosys Foundation Award

The 2008 ACM-Infosys Foundation Award is presented to Jon Kleinberg, a professor at Cornell University for his contributions to improving Web search techniques that allow billions of Web users worldwide to find relevant, credible information on the ever-evolving Internet.

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