Sunday, April 27, 2008

Top 10 Gmail Productivity Tips

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The first message one could consider email was sent more than 30 years ago, and that's probably when people began associating angst and uncertainty with the words "Inbox" and "unread messages." The tools available to read and send emails have advanced considerably since then, but what you actually do with all that chatter, without eating up entire days of work time, is up to you. Luckily, we've covered a wealth of filtering and processing methods and software tweaks that make email less stressful and time-consuming over the years, and a list of our top 10 productive email boosters is after the jump. More »

Friday, April 25, 2008

Tweak Microsoft Outlook to Empty Your Inbox Faster

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Microsoft Outlook is the company-issued email client at your place of employment, so like it or not, it's up to you to figure out how to manage your inbox, calendar, and task list every day using it. To make things worse, if you're in IT lockdown without administrator rights to your PC, you can't install special add-ons or software to help your cause. Luckily there are install-free ways to customize Outlook, add keyboard shortcuts, and get your inbox down to zero messages painlessly with a few tweaks to your setup.

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Recommended 55 Free Online Tools

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Emma recommended a list of 55 free online tools which are very useful
for every blogger and for everyone, who uses pc for professional use....

Button Generator, Create impressive buttons for menus. Many different styles.

ButtonBoost, Full-featured web tool to generate all kinds of buttons with custom text, colors, and icons. Also, a huge library of buttons to choose as a base of your buttons.

Buttonator, Generates fully customizable buttons that look modern. There are several templates to choose from as a start.

Button Maker, There are many two-colored button generators, but this one produces better looking buttons of this type.

Still you can more tools.. why late.. checkout his site and make your weblife easy....
Recommended 55 Free Tools

Convert ANY FILE to PDF Document....

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The main advantage of the PDF (portable document file ) is displaying the document format as it is. without overlapping any text formation.
Even it has the pictures, of various types and various fonts which the present guest system may not support, no problem if we convert the document of any kind to PDF. it can be easily visible respecting the authors format....

So Take a look how to convert word document in pdf...

Before that Please download right from here...

After download and installation . Now you are able to convert the doc to pdf in simple steps...

Just open your wished document After setting the page setup and formatting .
Just Give PRINT (CTRL+P) from the document. Now you are able to see this below fig.1

Choose the printer as "PDF Creater" Just press OK. Now you can see the below figure..
Give the name and the date of the document. and press save..

This is the free open source software which you use for freely.. please go through their terms and condition from their website....

Note : The procedure of converting to pdf is same for any file. Choose print option from any application and Convert....
How is this???

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

11 ways to access Gmail !

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Well, most of Gmail users (including myself) will find this very useful. Not just one Gmail login URL but 11 URLs all together – URL for PC, mobile, SSL, ATOM and some custom URLs.

    The universal domain. It's easy to remember, however non SSL.
    Works with PC as well as mobile browsers (PDA, smartphone, etc).
    Similar to the URL above. You can switch to simple HTML mode depending upon your browser.
    This is the SSL URL of #2.
    A little tweak here. Access Gmail without browser check.
    This mode disable Gmail chat.
    This is the simple HTML mode, load faster.
    This is the SSL URL of #6.

    URL for mobile users, non SSL.
    Similar to #8, another link for mobile users.
    This is the SSL URL of #9.
    Feed URL. Use it with your feed reader.

If you know any other way, drop me a comment!

Monday, April 21, 2008

100 ways to promote your blogs

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99 Ways to Promote Your Blog for FreeSeptember 18th, 2007
Exchange links with other bloggers
Use BlogRush
Submit to RSS directories
Submit to blog directories
Submit to general directories
Start a 2nd blog and link to yourself
Create and give away blog themes (with a link to your blog in the footer)
Create free plugins
Create link bait
Participate in blog carnivals
Comment on DoFollow blogs
WordPress Backlinks Plugin
Join communities at MyBlogLog
Join communities at Bumpzee
Join communities at Blog Catalog
Start a community at any of these sites
Comment on other blogs in your niche
Email your friends and contacts about a new blog post that may interest them
Email your readers to say “thank you”
Email other bloggers to introduce yourself
Link out to other blogs
Blogger Forum
Write a guest post for another blog
Ezine Articles
Article Dashboard
Go Articles
Marketing Seek
Article Avenue
Article Pros
eBusiness Articles
Syndication from Idea Marketers
Write for newspapers
Write for magazines
Scribd (document sharing)
Open Floodgate
Google Base
PR Free
Craig’s List
Sales Spider
Yahoo! Search Marketing ($25 free advertising credit) (aff.)
Microsoft AdCenter ($50 free advertising credit through PPC Universe)
ABC Search ($100 free advertising credit through PPC Universe)PHOTO SHARING:
Create a viral tool
Give away free icons
Create a PDF e-book
Write tutorials for something you know well
Get interviewed
Interview someone well known in your industry
ReviewBack (blog review exchange)SUBMIT YOUR BLOG TO DESIGN GALLERIES:
CSS Mania
CSS Vault
CSS Beauty
Unmatched Style
CSS Elite
CSS Heaven
Apply for website awards
Apply for a Blogger’s Choice Award
Give away awards to other bloggersOTHER IDEAS:
Run a contest (this one isn’t always free, but you could give away links, ad space, or something else that won’t cost you money)
Participate in a group writing project with other bloggers
Create a podcast to go along with your blog
Pretend to put your blog up for sale
Show how much your blog is worth

Saturday, April 19, 2008

10 Top Tips about Microsoft power point

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PowerPoint can be an extremely effective tool when presenting an idea to a group or single person. PowerPoint allows you to create a visually capturing medium that allows you to convey your idea and hopefully accomplish your goal. Although PowerPoint is a great tool, it can be used in a manner that depreciates the quality of your work and conceal the purpose of your presentation. Using huge amounts of numbers, speaking over your slides, not coordinating your colors can lead to disaster when presenting your work. We’ve compiled a list of 10 tips for using Microsoft PowerPoint so that you can become a communications guru.

PowerPoint can be a provocative, compelling and persuasive business tool. “It can be the very best friend you have,” says Cherie Kerr, a Santa Ana, CA. public relations consultant. “But you have to use it right.” PowerPoint let you create and view full-featured presentations that incorporate, slides, graphics, audio and video that can make a business deal. When used properly, it’s one of the best software presentation tools on the market.

1. Compelling, but not Autonomous
PowerPoint can either make or break a presentation. Because of PowerPoint’s ease of use, many people rely completely upon it and add very little to the presentation. Once you have created your presentation, make sure you create compelling dialogue to go along with your presentation.

2. K.I.S.S
We’ve all heard of K.I.S.S (Keep it Simple Stupid), and that’s what you have to do with PowerPoint. When you’re creating your presentation, make use of simple charts and graphics that reflect what you are speaking about. Don’t create a presentation with long lists of jargon, you will loose most of your audience and render your presentation – ineffective.

3. Don’t Repeat what You See
When you are giving your presentation, don’t repeat what you see. It is extremely boring to sit and listen to someone read their PowerPoint presentation word-for-word. If this is what you’re going to do, save your audience and yourself the time and email the presentation to them.

4. Less is More
PowerPoint is a fantastic communications tool, however there are some aspects you should keep away from. You should not overwhelm your viewers with large amounts of numbers and figures. This tends to create a numbing effect and you will lose many of your viewers. Instead, use simple charts or graphics and if more information needs to be communicated in greater detail, create handouts, but don’t hand them out until the end of your presentation.

5. Never Talk on top of your Slides
When you advance to a new slide, allow your viewers to read your slide before you begin your dialogue. This allows your viewers to absorb the information of the slide then focus their full attention on you for additional content.

6. Color is the Key
It has been scientifically proven that various colors effect people in various ways and induces various moods. Creating a contrast between the colors of your text, background and graphics can help you convey your idea more effectively and affect your audience on an emotional level.

7. Give your Audience a Break
Not all people are alike and some absorb more information verbally rather than visually. Give your audience a visual break - add a blank slide into your presentation at a point where you can explain a little more in detail of your idea or to take questions.

8. Don’t Only use PowerPoint’s Photos and Graphics
You can add a deeper level of interest by adding photos, graphics and video from outside sources. By adding additional external content, you create a complete multimedia experience for your viewer, which in turn, keeps their attention longer and helps them to retain more information.

9. Edit and Edit again!
Once you complete you draft of your presentation, edit it at least three times. And if possible, ask someone to be your guinea pig and let you practice your presentation with him or her. Ask for feedback and if something is unappealing, confusing or distracting, change it.

10. Save the Handouts for Last
What’s worse than trying to give your presentation and your audience is talking about what’s in your handout. Once your audience has the handout, many come to the conclusion that everything they need is in the palm of their hand. This may be true, but you want to keep your audience’s full attention. So save the handouts for last.

PowerPoint is a powerful communication tool, when used properly. You can incorporate audio, video, graphics and text into a medium that can be extremely pleasing and informative to the viewer. Take the time to experiment with PowerPoint and it’s features so when its time to give your next presentation, you’ll be at the top of the class.

Share Presentation

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Want to share a presentation with friends, co-workers, or the web at large without worrying about who does or doesn't have PowerPoint installed? authorStream, a free presentation sharing site, offers the same kind of embed-anywhere utility as previously-posted SlideShare, but also provides options to download presentations as MP4 video files, putting slideshows with or without audio one step away from YouTube, iPods, DVDs, or whatever format comes in handy. To work as video, presentations must have either recorded narration or rehearsed timings added in PowerPoint, which the Digital Inspiration blog explains in detail at the via link below.

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