Saturday, July 5, 2008

BSNL -Bandwidth USAGE Finder with Bill details

How to check Monthly Dataone bandwidth usage ?

Currently BSNL issues 2 types of Dataone accounts and usage checking site is different for each type. Your account type can be found out by checking your IP address (check your IP address here). One type of account has IP address of type 5x.xx.xx.xx and other type has IP address of type 117.xx.xx.xx . Usage checking site for first type (5x.xx.xx.xx) is and for the second type (117.xx.xx.xx) is . Newer users are mostly given second type and for logging into you need to get a portal id, which can be obtained from BSNL customer care or by calling Toll free number 1800-424-1600.
Dataone bandwidth usage finder

This tool is an automated way to check usage. This tool was initially developed when dataone usage checking website provided only session logs and did not provide total bandwidth usage.This tool was developed to login to dataone site and calculate total usage. Later upon request from users lot of features were added to program.

Some features of this tool
Daily total of non free and free usage( for those having night(2am to 8am) unlimited)
Graphic display of daily usage
Option to auto login to dataone usage checking site
Summary of usage, daily average used , average usable, estimated bill etc.
Download latest version of ShaPlus Dataone usage finder here .


For users having IP address of type 5x.xx.xx.xx(check your IP here)
Last updated : 01 Jan 2008

Download BSNL Broadband Usage
For users having IP address of type117.xx.xx.xx(check your IP here)
Last updated : 30 Apr 2008

NOTE : List of URL which can be used as admistrative login URL. If one site is not working or is not updated, try another.

You can also find an admistrative login URL by visiting this page

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