Sunday, August 4, 2013

7 Ways on How to Improve Your Creativity

1. Carry around a notebook with you everywhere you go. Whenever you get an idea for an article, a website, a painting—anything, write it or sketch it into the notebook. You might feel a little silly doing this, especially at first, but there is nothing quite as helpful as that notebook when you find yourself creatively strapped. All you have to do is look through the notebook for ideas that you haven’t yet had time to work on. Sometimes just looking at past ideas can help you form an idea for your present problem.

2. Try coming at your problem from a new angle. If, for example, you have been commissioned to create some art for a webpage about sports, try looking at sports from a different angle—instead of the traditional examples, think of other things that could be considered sports. Sometimes, forcing yourself to approach a problem from the exact opposite angle can be enough to spark your creativity.

3. Summarize your problem with a single and basic sentence. Let’s say you have been hired to write a radio commercial for a local car dealership. Start with something basic like “car dealerships sell cars.” For example, car dealerships sell cars. From there, ask yourself the who, what, when, where and why of your sentence. Before you know it, you’ll have pages of ideas for your commercial.

4. If all else fails, get up and walk away from your project for a while—even if you are staring in the face of an impending deadline. Go for a walk, get away from the computer—just go. Often when you feel stressed, your creativity gives way to practicality and that isn’t good for someone who needs to find a fresh idea. What’s more, when your brain relaxes, you’ll probably find yourself flooded with ideas for your project!

5. Creativity is reduced when our se ness are dulled. Sleep well, eat we ll and meditate often. I know ma nay of us don’t have the lid borty of time available to mediate at ho me, so apply a bit of crew activity. You have a problem with a availability of time; use your time wh le traveling to do so. Just a go do 10 – 15 minutes of me dictation can put you in the r ght path towards becoming creative.

During thi s exercise, learn to breathe softly and try to re lax your body completely. Once at thi s state, try to imagine being in a fo rest or any place that you like. Try visualizing the surrounding in de tails. Try to listen to your s rounding and keep strolling around that place and keep discovering new things.

6. Do you have a hobby? If no, then start now by asking yourself what you enjoy. Do you enjoy music? Do you enjoy collecting items? Do you enjoy entertaining people? Do you enjoy writing? Do you enjoy drawing/painting? Do you enjoy crafts? Having a hobby helps you in many ways and directly helps you in improving your creativity. It forces you to think out of the box during the period when you are conducting you’re hobby. My only hobby is magic. I enjoy entertaining people and hence learn new m ves & techniques all the time and spend some of my time in practicing and mastering them. You might not l ke magic, but that’s ok. Try finding something that you like and de vote some time to it. You will see a remarkable improvement in your creative ability.

7. Do something which does not interest you .If you hate reading, then start reading a book. If you don’t like a particular type of music, then start listening to such music. The point here is to expose your brain to as many new things and concepts as possible. You never know what new learning you might use to solve a problem later in life.

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