Monday, September 15, 2008

Data Transfer Made Easy - Nokia Cable

You need to install the DKU-5 cable driver. You can download it at,

Next, please install the Nokia PC suit 6.7 as recommended by Nokia for 6225 CDMA. Nokia has also provided a step-by-step procedure for identifying and installing the correct handset software and driver for different operating systems (OS).You can access it at,8764,78350,00.html.

If you have already installed DKU-5 Cable with any default driver, you need to un-install it and then install the new driver. Once the drive and PC Suit installation is over, you need to configure the "Nokia connection manager" to use the DKU-5 cable to connect to your device. To do this, please double-click on the Nokia connection manager icon in the control panel and in the "Connections available" list, select the cable option, and click ok.

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