Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Campus selection

Sreenath Varma's Question

Hello Sir,

I am a B.Tech holder in IT. I am from Kerala and I took degree from Kerala itself. In may, the Chennai based company came to our college and recruited 20 students from all branches. Actually one of the director was came to our college for conducting the test. He said before the test, "All the students who passes the test will be selected". He went after the test and 2 weeks later a list of 20 students came to college by saying these students are selected. After that there was no news from the company. When the college authorities went there and gave our results and met the HR Manager (2 months ago), they said they recruited around 400 students from all over India, but result of some colleges in north India are yet to come. They will definitely call but there will be some more delay. Last week also we enquired there but the reply was same. They recruited only from our college in Kerala. We are waiting for this during the last months. There is no chance to get an information from their website because the last update was on 2002. If u can give any information regarding this, it will be helpful for me.

Thanks in advance
Sreenath Varma


Hi Sreenath, congrats for getting selected in campus selection. I required some information about the company, so that I can tell you about the companies activities. Generally Branded companies take maximum of 6 months time to recruit the candidates from campus. At the time of year 2000 only, they took maximum of 1 year time. So, the company which conducted campus selection might not come to recruit, if the period crosses 6 months ( I need some more information from you to say about this). You keep in mind that, the chance to get into that company is 10% only. What I will suggest is rather than sitting and keep on waiting for that company, try for other companies too with same spirit. Definitely you will get job. As you told that company web site is not updated from 2002, we can suspect a bit!. Plenty of companies are asking freshers, try with spirit .send me web site and address, so that I can tell you about the company.

All the Best!


venu chityala

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