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I have good technical knowledge, but i cannot express it & i sometimes not remembering answer. please tell me solution

Tushar 's Question

Respected sir,

My self Tushar form India. I am writing my information with this mail.

Job Trying For : Software Development

Fresher / Experienced : Fresher

Qualification :B.E.( Computer Science & engg.)

Skills : c,c++,core java, html,asp,jsp,vb

No. of Interviews Attended : 3

Strengths : good programming

Weak Points(If any) : communication

Gender : male

Question :

I have good technical knowledge, but i cannot express it & i sometimes not remembering answer. please tell me solution


Hi Mr.Tushar ,

I appreciate your confidence that you know the answer. Very few freshers used to say that I am having good technical knowledge. When you have practical exposure , you can get this confidence . Lets , come directly to your question . lets split that into two parts.

Problem-1: I could not express my knowledge. How can I ?

This comes under presentation problem. So you need to practice the mock interviews. Ask your well wishers or friends or seniors to conduct few interviews for you. You try to take those in a serious manners. You try to present as usual. Ask them what are the mistakes your commenting., so that you can rectify those. If you feel , tensed , then you take little time to respond for the question asked by interviewer. At any time when you know , 100 % , its better that you can say 75 % , in the first step and remaining 15 % , at second step. And if the question is straight forward , then say the remaining 10 % too. Remember that , experience recruiters , ask s the questions from what you present. So if you know any answer fully , better say with confidence , if you don’t know don’t try to say the wrong answer. It’s better to say sorry , and say them that you know only basic level in that topic. Before answering any question you try to analyze the answer and the say to the interviewer . so that you can present in a better way.

Problem-2: I could not Remember the answer. What to do ?

This is not only your problem. Many used to face the same , at the time of the interview .as job seeker feels nervous at the time of the interview. So you don’t consider this as a big issue., try to hold your tense , so that you can have your natural abilities. You don’t keep in mind that , if I won’t get the job , what to do? Only keep in mind that , I need to present , what abilities I am having .so that I can get a job. Next , even you feel that , memory power is some what becoming dull , I cans ay that there are amany techniques to improve your memory power . so that you can implement those and get your real memory power. Even you can choose Yoga for it too. Before attending to the interview, you try to practice ( at least 12 hours before ) , before the mirror , how to respond and what to do. But don’t have pre occupied mindset for answering the questions. Many job seekers used to do the same. When you feel free, you can remember all easily.

All the Best!


venu chityala

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