Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Why Recruiters are asking common questions ...


Many interviews , recruiters used to ask common questions , for e.g Tell me about yourself , why we need to hire you , How you sell this pen to me , etc …. What for all these ? Every job seeker , when fails to get the job at interview , they feels that , they lost the opportunity because they haven’t said the correct answers to this kind of common questions , as no where exact answer for this type of questions available.

Let’s see why common questions asked by the recruiters

  • To filter candidate Easily ???
  • To know communication
  • To Know confidence
  • To Know the responsibilities ( personal )
  • To know the attitude
  • To get the different candidate , rather than stereotypic candidate
  • To ease the person to attend interview freely
  • To get the normal flow
  • To check the honesty
  • To understand the body language
  • To understand the expectations

Etc, many hidden things are there … which you all might know …but why many job seekers trying to find the answer to same questions ….

I strongly recommend any candidate to have trust on you and try to present well , what ever you are and speak naturally . There is a specialty is there for some time of common questions , for e.g. Tell me about your self ? For this question, what interviewer expects from you and what interviewer judge , because you’re the story writer for your life , so as I mentioned above interviewer is looking for other elements than ,e valuating the answer. So what ever you say , you feel free to say. Because almost every job seeker used to prepare for This type f common questions , but as they prepares the answers from others , they looses the natural talent I can suggest you to know the answer what other person is saying , but don’t follow that blindly. You have your own style and try to present what you know (or expect ) for the common questions.

You try to ask your friends or other professionals how they answered than how to answer . You decide what to say for that common questions . If any interviewer asks , How much salary you expect . Say reasonable amount , than saying as per the norms , which is a stereotypic answer . But judge yourself why you are expecting that and communicate that , it’s negotiable . try to show your confidence by answering in straight to the point model , with a pleasant mind set.

All The Best!


venu chityala

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