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MCA But Rejected at Interviews because Bcom

rahul's Question


Dear sir

My name is Rahul .i passed my MCA in 2005 Oct,i have done B.Com then i have taken M.C.A. as per my fnds & relatives said.Now in the Interviews i am being rejected mostly bcos of B.Com, my carrier % is good

[ X - 51% , Inter MEC - 61%, Degree - 61% , PG - 77% ] i even toped the callege (mca) last 4 sems out of 6 as per MYABCD University..Even callcenters are also not willing to take bcos of MTI (mother tung influence)& MCA , My fnds have joined the small companies through reference, I am ready to work free in some IT Company but i am not getting any openings, i even looked for some nice institutes to do some live projects on java " j2ee " but came to know they are just fake

wat i want to know is can u tell me some instuates which give some live projects and train me according to the market requirement ? i live in Hyderabad

thank you,


Hi Rahul , congrats for u r success in u r university. I saw your percentages , that shows a positive graph. good. but still some companies are looking minimum 60 % , from X it self. any way try to present your degree and PG in resume in walk –in s. But while you upload to any branded companies give your full details at last , no in first page. Your , is not a big issues, why because your having an advantage, you will be strong in Finance domain. Try to highlight That. You have not sent me u r resume also. Next about your query about institute , I cant recommend you as I have not much researched into others offers. I can suggest mine , which is at Chennai , but as you told your at Hyderabad , it may not comfortable for you.

You can Get job In Call Centers / BPO. Even Your having MTI , you can practice so that you can get job easily. There are lot of non voice based call centers/BPO are there.

I can tell you one issue. You try to do web related project. If you have system with you , the you can purchase web hosting space and database space which comes in less price , you can do online project , and you can present that in your resume , so that technical managers will give priority .

All the Best!


venu chityala

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