Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How can i get call from one of the top Indian Branded Company

Ravikumar's Question



Iam Ravikiran from Hyderabad. I completed my MCA in sept 2005 from O University with 83.9%.
In july i got call from one of the top Indian Branded for written test but at that time my final exams were going on thats why i didn't attempted that test. But now iam waiting for that call from 3 months but i didn't get that.

Can i get call from one of the top Indian Branded?, for that what i need to do?
(I applied for that many times)

I am preparing for one of the top Indian Branded daily for atleast 5 hrs. I have good analytical ability and logical thinking and problem solving skills.

I don't have any references in any company.

I am perfect up to Adv Java.

Now I am learning .Net also.

Plz give me ur valuable suggestion regarding my career what i need to do in this position.

Every weekend I am attending for walk ins that is of any type or any post.

In some i reached to hr level but they are saying that now here no jobs but we will consider u after 2 months.

thanking u sir



Hi Ravi….I understood, your issue…but you have not sent me Resume, to analyse, first phase.

Any way u told that u got a call from one of the top Indian Branded company , you missed that.Have you intimated your absence? If not you cant do any now.One thing is generally, one of the top Indian Branded company will call people 9 months once, the candidate failed or absent for the don’t worry , you just re apply, they will call you.

Its nice that you are preparing 5 Hrs, daily for aptitude test . fine but try to update to latest technologies. Any one specialization. May Be J2EE or .Net. you can explore all, better one specialization. some middle level companies are calling freshers and conducting technical interview directly ( no aptitude ) . Any way don’t leave aptitude practice, that will boost up you.
Apply jobs and attend interviews regularly, jobs are there for talented people, so analyze your self

All the Best!


venu chityala

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