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2 Years Gap , What to do, How to get Job

aparna's Question
Name : aparna
Job Trying For : software
Fresher / Experienced :
Qualification :B.tech
Skills : C,C++,C#,Asp.net,HTML,Javascript
No. of Interviews Attended : 10
Strengths : positive thinking,good understanding
Weak Points(If any) : somewhat overconfident
Data of Birth : aug 10 1985
Gender : female

Your Question here:Trying for jobs but not getting?
hello sir
I am aparna ,completed btech in 2006 since then i tried for jobs but didnt get.Some of the call letters i got but asking to pay some amount as deposit.Since 2years its very hard .Last year i worked in one company but its was a fake . I didnt knew i wasted my time and money.Now i got one opportunity its training cum placement but i dont know how far to believe it bcz before i joined 2 institutes of same type.One of my weak point is communication skills,dont know during interview i get panic and i get confuse to explain the gap which i got after btech.So whats the best answer to say wt i done durng 2years.Give me the reply sir plz im in need of job now.I m trying to improve my tech skills.Whether to go for training cum placement or directly job trying.waiting for ur reply
Thanking u lot for ur kind suggestions towards job seekers.Its a great job to help them through this way .I also try in my own way to help others.


I understood your real pain. It’s not limited to you. Many thousands of job seekers are at the same position. Even many cheated by many selfish business people. Now digging about your past and worrying won’t fetches any.

I will say few issues.

1) Comment about Loosing 2 years : This two years , you might feel like hell .As many people used to ask , What are you doing? Don’t worry for any. It’s your life. Two factors are there in it. One is time , second is money. You try to rectify the second one by earning money. Its possible by doing a part time faculty or call center or any job. It will give you confidence. Don’t worry for communication . You start speaking daringly , automatically you will get good command. As long as , you won’t speak you can’t improve. Next ,a bout the First one , TIME. its not easy to get back. But if you get a good job , you will forget. So now the problem , how you can get a good job. You already get cheated by two people. so I won’t recommend you to join that training and placement , you won’t believe strongly.
2) Before trying for software job , you try to improve your technical skills. As you got a gap , you need top concentrate on few technologies , which much competition won’t be there , for e.g PHP ,web designing , MySql etc .Improve your caliber in those. Don’t do any course blindly , to get a job. You try to improve yourself , if you are having computer at home . In this software field , no body can predict , what software filed will have market. So you try to have multiple technical skills. Next , try to do as many project s as possible. Fill you r resume with technical content.
3) Try to get international certification , in , .Net or what ever technology you feel. If you are able afford some money , you go with this. Microsoft , sun , etc companies are conducting these type of certifications.
4) Don’t try to keep fake experience , even people recommends. (BUT AS PER YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES YOU DO ,NO COMMENTS ABOUT IT).
5) I am very unhappy to say this point that , try job with references , once you are strong at technical and communication skills. As you are having two years gap , this is some what easy way to get job.
6) If you don’t have references , then you need to try at small companies only initially. You can apply MNC’s too , but , it’s tough to get calls. You try to mention at your resume , you are ready to give minimum 2 years commitment . This point may be highlighted , so that employers might call you for interview.
7) Try with consultancies . You Search for the consultants and try to be in touch with them. Jobs are there with consultants .
8) The top and bottom line is , You should be strong at TECHNICAL and COMMUNICATION SKILLS to GET JOB>
9) Better don’t explain your 2 years story to any employer . No body will believe and give importance. I am sad to say this point too. If you say this , you will get negative impression only. Try to say some convincing point . I can’t recommend any body to lie , but few people used to say that , I just going to get married , for financial stability I started searching job now , etc …
10) Keep time period and try to get some job first .It makes you to understand the world. Money gives you confident. Self earning always boosts person. Then you aim for your major job .It’s not mandatory to keep your part time job at your resume , if you feel that it gives you negative impact.

Try to read this site AskJobTips.net , regularly . So that you can get few more points very soon. It’s very happy that , you are willing to support job seekers once you gets job. Sure you will get. Try to forget the past .Dream about the future.

All the Best !

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