Saturday, July 13, 2013

Job Interview Etiquette

Some people don’t know what are the main interview etiquettes. Lots of people get confused about what kind of dress they should wear or what questions they should ask to the interviewer. Here are some helpful tips to make you aware of some interview etiquettes.

Appearance: Try to dress efficiently for an interview. You must have professional look and ensure it suits you well .Always first impression is the best impression so impress your interviewer with your professional outlook.

Position: Try not to slump in your chair stand or sit boldly.

Handshake: A firm handshake is very mush essential. Start your interview with a strong handshake and maintain good eye contact through out your interview.

Smile: Maintain a pleasant smile through out the interview.

Be punctual: Reach your interview venue few minutes before in order to get the impression that you are punctual.

Be well prepared: Prepare required things fro the interview. Prepare some questions to ask and also prepare relevant answers for the interviewer’s question. This will help you to face the interview confidently. More over collect some information regarding the company in advance. If you are aware of the company they may think you are very much interested with this company, and also you can give the answer for their question then and then.

Be relaxed: Don’t get tensed. If you feel tension or stress take deep breath, this will improve your confidence and also makes your mind calm. Don’t give the impression that you are tensed; this may affect your performance badly. Attend the interview with full confidence. Give excellent answer for the queries thus perform well, this will help you to acquire the job.

Be thankful: While you leave, say thanks to the interviewer for giving you this opportunity.

Remember, the above given tips are very much essential for attending the interview. If you keep the above given tips in your mind certainly you can win your interview. Follow these while you attend the interview. Don’t get tensed while you hear the name ‘interview’. What you need to do is practice. The more you practice the more confident you become. So practice, practice and practice!

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