Tuesday, July 9, 2013

How To Improve Job Search Confidence

It’s very common for any (Many ) Job seeker to get frustrated moments and feel that how to improve confidence. Let me ask you one question , what is confidence ? How to measure that how much confidence any is having? How to recognize that confidence is required ? wait ,wait , just don’t think that I am going to enter a topic like philosophy and ask you what is Life ? I just want to say you few feelings about the confidence. I feel every body will have same level of confidence . only the thing is at few times , it used to forget by the human. So it need to get back. But the confidence at the time of job search is not easy to get back , because it is tied up with many elements like money , prestige , surrounding people , etc . But among many , I want to choose the element of money. Because it makes any to independent up to some extent. The primary reason ,many used to said , what for job , is nothing but money. So lets concentrate on earning money. Is it tough to earn money ? No , not that much tough. It may be tough to earn money what extent any thinks to earn. But for basic needs , it’s not that much of tough to earn. There are many part time jobs , these may not give the position what any dreams , but it gives little money and that gives the confidence. Those jobs may range from part time faculty to part time consultant . Try to get some job , at least for three months . So that some money you will get and few new people you can meet .so that you can able to get new issues and as well as you can develop your communication. You may raise ask one more question .Will it won’t disturb my main job search ? am I not going to get deviated from the primary goal ? etc … BUT , I want to stress you one issue. If you really focus on your goal no body can change you. If you really feel to get , no body can stop you. I don’t want to give a big lectures about the motivation theories or self motivation techniques. I will say you , to know the world. Read the people. Means , try to understand what you require , then plan for it and get one by one. Don’t think that every thing you can make it in quick time.

I want to say one of the real problems I used to face. I , being an employer , really facing tremendous struggle to choose the right person to fill the position. It’s not that much of easy to fill a vacancy too. Many are not committed , many are not having subject , many are having not having communication , etc . I recommend you to meet as many people as possible for you , who are at good profession. try to get good tips from them. Try to analyze those , share with friends and decide what is your plan. The slowly implement it. if any problems you faced with that , try to revise it and continue it , till you win the job.

Confidence is not any where. It’s with you . You just try to get back that , by analyzing your self. Try to improve the knowledge in all positive issues. Try to read books or people. Stuff your self with knowledge. That gives you all. Don’t worry about communication (if you are lagging in it)/. Try to speak as much as possible , so that you can improve your communication level.

So get back your confidence. Be confident. Don’t leave your confidence after you get JOB, because life is not only for JOB.

All The Best !

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