Sunday, July 7, 2013

Self Supervising

Self supervising is the ability of a person to understand his capabilities, evaluate his skills, estimate his qualities and organize himself suitable to adjust in his work place. Self Supervising is one of the most relevant aspects required for a human being who is thriving very hard to come up in life. Self supervising can be simply defined as the effort taken to analyze ones own activities. Self supervising can be done in all day to day activities a person is doing. It is one of the simple tasks any one can follow in their routine work. Self supervising can also be called as internal supervision.

There are people who are appointed in office, industries and companies to supervise others, but self supervising is slightly different. No one is there to estimate you and your abilities. The individual person is the responsible for all his actions and work that he does.

Self supervising is one of the relevant soft skills that should be practiced by a person. It will act as a guide line for him to manage all his deeds. Well, what are the situations that require self supervising? For example let’s take the situation of the office that you are working; when a new project or work is assigned to you, see that you perform your duties and complete the project in a proper way and make your clients happy. Practice coming to office at regular timings. Keep record of your reports and proceedings of your work done. Always keep a record of the achievements in your projects. So, you have to learn how to organize yourself. This is one way of self supervising.Well, another example that can be considered is, when you are giving advice to others. Think before you start advising others. Self supervise yourself whether you are fit enough to give the advise and then proceed.

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