Tuesday, July 9, 2013

How To Prepare For Placement Test

Placement Test .. Tension ..Tension .. Always ... Because It is the initial step for getting the Interview call for a Fresher ... So always , this should be handled properly..... many candidates used to prepare for the placement test , but fails too. What might be the reasons ..there might be many , but few are very important and should be handled to get good score.

1) Know what are the subjects that Placement test contains.Eg.Verbal reasoning , Current affairs , etc...
2) Try to get the sample paper from the company , if any offered by them . If not try to search and collect. This is done by many , but if you stop collecting step , it won't fetches any . You have to collect from various people / web sites , as its not from the company directly. That collected papers has to be compared and prepare your guess , how the pattern will be.
3) Start Collecting the material , up to your best. Good books , tutorials , ebooks , etc.
4) Schedule with respect to the exam date.
5) Do Individual work / Group Work. Both are important . So that New information can be obtained through friends.
6) Lats 30% of the preparation time , spend for practice tests. Write seriously , and ask some body to correct it and analyse , where you did mistake , and prepare the weak areas. Improve the speed.
7) Don't spend up to late night , before the exam day.
8) Reach the exam hall before 30 minutes , prior to exam.
9) Don't make fun with the friends there. be casual , and be relaxed.
10) Read the exam rules first. Answer it in a strategic manner. Time sense is very important. handle the Negative marking carefully.
11) After coming to Home , revise what the exam consists and how you handled. Write your feed back for your further review.
12) Don't wait for the results . Start prepare for the next exam , till you get news that you got selected in the job ( because after the Test you should attend Other interview rounds , mean while many exams might be available to attend) .

All the Best!

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