Wednesday, July 10, 2013

How to prepare for first interview as a fresher

As a fresher some people find it very difficulty to find a job. There are different types of jobs are available for the fresher. If you have the confidence or if you know how to attend the interview, then easily you can attain your dream job. Here are some tips to follow

Wear clothes conservatively. Remember to dress in professional manner. Avoid using tattoos, facial piercing and unusual hair color.

Give a small introduction to yourself and inform the recruiter that you are thrilled regarding the opportunity of the employment. Make clear to the recruiter that you are ready to undertake any confront.

Offer them a firm handshake. Giving handshake is always better to get a good impression about you.

Talk to the potential recruiter with full confidence. Speak softly and clearly and do not murmur. Give a pleasant smile and stay focused on the discussion.

Sit straightly with your hands and legs uncrossed. Keep your head high and keep good eye contact with the recruiter through the interview.

Complete the paperwork correctly and moreover try to avoid making mistakes. Carry the entire necessary details for instance your Identity card, driver’s license and work permits

After finishing your interview never forgets to send a thank you message to each person you talked with throughout the interview. Declare that you enjoyed talking with them and reaffirm your confidence in your skill to carry out the work.

Follow up with a telephone call if you didn’t get any reply from the recruiter within a week.

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