Saturday, July 13, 2013

Nervousness during interview

Feeling nervous during an interview is quite a natural phenomenon, but there are some tips you can do to overcome it. What you want to do is practice it. The more you practice the more confident you become. Collect some information about the company earlier so that you can avoid nervousness while you attend the interview.

While you answer the interview questions, don’t tell the scripted answers that you have read or heard somewhere .Instead, concentrate on giving answer to the questions that displays your knowledge and talents.

Always try to wear comfortable clothes while you go for interview and also it must suit the kind of interview you are attending .Make sure you get there earlier so that you don't have to hurry to reach your destination.

Don’t forget to keep the copies of resume with you and remember to keep one copy with you. If you keep it with you, it will be easy for you to refer at the time of interview .So you don’t want to remember the whole thing that you have written in your resume.

Avoid placing excessive pressure on you. Don't give your interviewer the impression that you are so much tensed .Be cool and face the interview boldly. While you feel tension or stress takes deep breath, this helps you to get some relaxation and do your best.

Practice is the more important thing. Do some homework in advance that helps you to perform well. Preparing earlier for the interview will increase your confidence level and you can attend the interview without any stress or nervous. The more you practice the more you become confident and also reach in time to avoid last minute hurrying.

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