Monday, July 15, 2013

Types of Interview

During Interview you can expect some questions related to your educational background, your work experience, your achievements, your characteristics etc. This is a common question in all types of interview .Sometimes the questions may vary; it depends on what style your recruiter chooses. Here are some commonly used interview styles.

Structured Interview

During this interview, you will be asked some kind of questions that have been prepared early in a prearranged schedule. Normally, every interviewer is using this format while they select multiple applicants for the same post.

Unstructured Interview

This kind of interview has no prearranged schedule. Generally the interviewer starts the interview with the usual question “Tell me about yourself”. While you answer for this question don’t give full details about you and your family. Keep in mind the interviewer does not want to know about your date of birth, marital status, family background. Instead of explaining this unnecessary things demonstrate your abilities, talents, knowledge etc. Try to prove that you are the right person for this position.

Stress Interview

The actual intention of a stress interview is to place the employees in a hectic and complex situation. The interviewer will evaluate you whether you can tackle the situation or not. This gives him a clear idea about your problem solving skill as well as your capability to handle the unfamiliar situation. If you are interviewing for the post that requires lots of client facing, this kind of interview is commonly used. So be prepared well.

The Behavioral Interview

This kind of interview is used to judge how much profit and value you can provide to the company. The recruiter will have a register of work experience, qualification, and skills that are preferred in a candidate for the particular post. The interviewer will ask some questions that prove your knowledge and skills that they are searching for.

Interviewing is a certain skill, it requires lots of time to learn and master it. Be familiar with different kinds of interviews and make sure that you are well prepared fro the interview and face the interview with full confidence.

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