Saturday, July 27, 2013

How to find out your dream job

Nowadays it is little bit difficulty to achieve a dream job very few people only can achieve it. Good timing also plays an important role in finding a job. Here are some tips to help you with in finding your job.

· Evaluate your abilities, experience and objectives, and prefer suitable profession that interest you.

· Try to attend professional association congregation, search the associations' address list for contacts, and plan interviews with that company. All the time try to collect the names of people to make contact with those people towards the end of the interview.

· Make contact with your college career center or your employment office, for help and guidance.

· Keep in mind that most of the job opportunities are not published in the newspaper so do not always depends on news paper. However, Internet career boards are frequently used by employers for their easiness and convenience.

· Apply for all jobs with your well prepared resume. Then follow up with a telephone call within five to ten days of each written message.

· Ask for interviews. If you feel yourself interviewing for a job that is not for you, search for interviews with other branch or even with other organizations that the recruiter may know are hiring.

· Practice well. Collect some information regarding the company and its objectives so that you can prepare some relevant questions to ask at the time of the interview.

· Provide the notion that you are willing to be part of the group.

· Never forget to send a thank you letter after the interview.

· Make a call to your recruiter afterward and inquire if there is any additional information you can give.

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