Thursday, May 23, 2013

10 ways to improve your personality

Be yourself : Don’t imitate others; imitating others is equal to insulting you. Find out the attractive thing and modify it. Try to develop your own style and be unique person. It helps to draw the attention of others to you.

Relax more and enjoy yourself : Keep your mind free and relax. If you have any problems try to solve it instead of worrying about it. Other wise tell everything to your friend and let your mind free. Life is very short try to enjoy it keeping all kinds of problems away from you. Don’t waste your time thinking about worries and think how you can make your future happy and tension free.

Keep a smile on your face : Try to keep a pleasant smile on your face. Even if you have problems or worries keep a nice smile on your face. When you see the people treat them with smile it gives them a good impression of you. An attractive smile can improve your personality.

Keep positive outlook on life : Stop thinking negatively as it brings failure to you. Assure you that you can face any situation with confidence and ever ready to face it. Take everything positively and make your life smooth and happy. Positive attitude to everything helps you to become successful in your life.

Stop complaining : Keep in mind that every one has their own faults. First find out the faults in you and rectify it instead of complaining others.Complying about others is a bad habit to avoid as far as possible you should avoid it. Complaints does not solve problems, on the other hand it gives a bad impression about you. For a bright personality complaining attitude will not suit .So don’t waste your time by complaining about others.

Set a plan : You must have a plan in your life then only you can lead a meaningful life. Make a list of things that you want to do and start doing it. Find out the bad habits in you and change it. Making a plan will you to achieve your wish in your life. With out a plan we can’t construct any building like wise without any plan we can not lead our life.

Be respectful : Try to treat others with respect .When you respect others they will feel gratitude and attraction to you. At the same time you should respect yourself. Respecting yourself helps you to improve your personality. When you give respect you can expect the same in return.

Come out of your shell : Come out of your shell and start mingling with others. Try to develop a good relation with others it helps you to know about the people around you. When you mingle with different types of people, you can understand different kinds of attitudes and behaviour.Accept the good characters and reject the other one. It helps to attain a good personality.
Dress well : Always select a dress that feels you more comfortable otherwise it gives a clumsy look. Every one can judge you while seeing your way of dressing. So try to dress smartly. It helps you to improve confidence level and you can perform well in front of others.

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