Monday, May 27, 2013

Tips to Overcome Stage Fright

To certain extend all performers feel nervous while they present speeches. These issues arise due to your sensitive temperament. You require more confidence to face this problem. Here are some tips to conquer your stage fright.

* Revise once more what you have learned and practiced.

* Know the seriousness of your task and get well prepared for it.

* Make sure that you have one copy with you for the reference.

* Before performing keep your mind calm and get relaxed.

* Visualize yourself as giving speech in an effective way.

* Take deep breath to make your body calm.

* Familiarize yourself with the stage and surrounding and make a trail before your real performance.

* Be more confident and get prepared for the performance.

* Don't get distressed or tensed on the day of your performance.

* Smile at your audience and pretend that you are enjoying. This gives them a notion that you are enough confident to perform well.

* Recollect your powerful and unforgettable experience and feel more confidence.

* Find out a person among the audience whom you know well and look at that person. This will reduce your tension. At the same time pay more attention to other audience also.

* Make your audience also a part of your performance and communicate with them. It should not be a monologue.

* Try to dress well. This helps you feel good about you and more over it increase your confidence level.

* Draw your audience attention to visual aids. When they listen to it, you can take rest from your long speech and you will feel more relaxed.

* Arrange group discussion or ask some question related your speech. This also helps you to reduce the stage fright.

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