Monday, May 27, 2013

Common Mistakes in Public Speaking

When you prepare for a speech, you may think how to make your presentation more effective. You may feel it as a mystifying art but actually its not as you think, basic principles are quite easy. Experienced speakers will be enthusiastic, well prepared and energetic to communicate with their audience. They will not commit even a single mistake. Before starting your presentation you must be well aware of your topics. Better select a topic which one is more familiar to you. So you can avoid making mistakes. Your audience will keenly observe your performance. When you come to perform, not knowing your topic is one of the great mistakes you can commit. So get well prepared before go for public speaking. If you select a topic which you like most, your enthusiasm will be visible through your body language and voice. If you have attended any dull and uninteresting speeches before you may have the insight and you can try not to commit the same mistakes again in your speech.

Remember one thing that public speech is not a monologue; it must be a dialogue between the audience and you. Presentation must be more interactive. Make your audience also a part of your speech by asking them questions, feed backs etc. More over try to keep an attractive body language. Give them a pleasant smile and make an eye contact with them. If you smile or look at each and every one, they may feel they are something special to you. Using good body languages also add more charm to your presentation.

Even though the topic is serious, don’t get frightened to use some jokes in your speech. Use some jokes which give them a chance to laugh. By adding some jokes you can change your monotonous way of talking and it will be an entertainment for them. Avoid using vulgar jokes. Instead of entreating them it makes them more offensive.

Lack of relaxation also effects the presentation. So take surfeiting rest before presenting speech.Visualise yourself as standing in front of the audience and giving speech effectively. This will help you to enhance your confidence level. Avoid taking alcohol or drugs before presenting your speech. Some may take this to feel more energetic but this will not suit for an excellent speaker.

Take each and every presentation as a challenge and make it better each time. But good preparation and practice is very much required .The more you practice the better you become. Remember through more experience only you can become a good speaker. Most of today's famous speakers were once shy type and in experienced. Through their several years experience only they gained more knowledge and perfection. So get prepared for better performance, remember practice only makes you perfect. Before you present your real speech, try to practice in front of your friends and get feed back from them

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