Monday, May 27, 2013

Strategies for problem solving

One of the essential features of problem solving is the capability to become flexible. Every one has his or her own problems and each problem differs from one another. Nevertheless, it is the strategies a man utilize to solve problems which directs to either success or failure. Lots of methods are there to apply while you encounter a problem .The first and foremost step is to follow any ideas or theories which you are familiar with.

Most of the people while they handle a problem make some supposition about the circumstances that obstruct them from bringing a good solution for solving their problem. These suppositions are unavoidable. Actual source for this is because they put certain restrictions to the scope of the problem, and let you arrange a basis that can be used to solve problem. The reason for this is because they set limits to the scope of the problem, and allow you to set up a foundation which can be used to solve them. Suppositions exhibit our needs too. For instance, although a culprit is to be penalized by the public for his offenses, a public that wishes humane penalties would not crave to apply torment. Supposition can also create a problem much easier to resolve. If a problem does not contain any supposition, it is very difficult to handle.

Many people abuse supposition even though it is very essential to solve problems. A supposition must support laws of nature, not barricade that we make. While assumptions are a necessity when it comes to solving problems, many people misuse them. Concentrating on the problem hardly helps. While you face a problem, you must take enough time to think about any supposition that you are taking. Is the supposition required? Can it be used? The proper way to answer these question is to make a note of supposition you possess to solve all the problems. An assumption should be based on laws of nature, not barricade that we create. Focusing on the problem rarely helps. When you run into a problem, you should take the time to think about any assumptions you are making about it. Is the assumption needed? Should it be used? The best way to answer these questions is to create a list of assumptions you have about a specific problem. Lots of people strive to find out a solution for the problem because they apply suppositions that are not rooted in truth or logic. Find out the suppositions that are relevant to solve the problems.

Lots of features are there which people make supposition about, and most important among them are time, money and support. Now we live in world which is full of time restrictions, and nearly all assignment should be finished with in a certain time limit. Nevertheless, most of the people think that a project will take more time than it really should; otherwise they think it will not take the essential time to finish. The second one is the worst of the two, as it makes you completing the assignment late.

For lots of people money is the main problem and they make some suppositions that are not related to logic or truth. For instance, some people will think that we have to pay some amount to get something, without thinking whether their suppositions are true or not. Have you ever listened somebody say ‘if only I had sufficient money, I could achieve it’. In fact this is mental barricade that people make for themselves. Always a talented problem solver will ask the question’ how will I obtain the money to achieve this target? They can solve the problem effectively.

Mutual help and support is very much required, if you are undertaking a team work. Nevertheless, a few people create fake suppositions in this part too. For instance, sometimes you may think your group will be interested in a particular strategy, otherwise you think they will not be interested in a particular strategy.Infact all these are fake suppositions that are not related with truth or logic, because you have not accepted the views or ideas of your team members.

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