Thursday, May 23, 2013

How to Develop an Exciting Personality to Attract People

Personality is the sum total of our thoughts, feelings.emotions, attitudes and behavior. Every one has their own personality. Each and every person is entirely different from one another. You must have an attractive personality then only others will admire you. So improve your existing personality. No one likes a person who has a boring personality. People like to stay around a person who are entertaining and make the situation lively. If you don’t have a charming personality you can’t attract people towards to you. So change your existing personality to an attractive one.

Be social:
If you want to develop your existing personality, try to mingle with others and share all your ideas with them. Avoid your narrow mindedness and be frank with all. The more you talk the more close you become. Keep a smile in your face when you talk with others. It helps them to become friendly with you. Treat them with positive attitude and they also respond positively. You will get what you have given; it depends upon your way of treating them.
Be conscious about yourself:
You must know about your weakness and strength. No one is perfect in this world so you need not to be perfect for achieving an attractive personality. Find out the weak points in you and change it .No one can change you; you are the only responsible person for bright personality. What you need to do is build up a strong relation with them and try to understand them. People will not have the same character accept them as they are .Don’t blame others first you change your self and try to change them.
Laugh at your mistakes:
In life every one commits mistakes .No one is perfect .There is a famous saying “to err is human and to forgive is divine”. From the mistakes only we learn the right one so let it happen. And also learn to laugh at mistakes don’t take it as a serious one. If you have committed any mistakes admit it. If you committed any mistakes ask for apologies .If it is done by others you should forgive them. Try to solve your problem as far as possible .Be a problem solver not a problem creator in your life.

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