Thursday, May 23, 2013

Eight faults in the personality of unhappy people

1 Dominating mentality

Some people may have dominating mentality, and they suppress others. They will not allow others to do anything and they take all initiative. This is selfishness and a wrong notion. This type of attitude is a black mark to your personality Try not to be a dominating character.

2 Unnecessary worries

People used to worry about unnecessary things in their life. This type of thinking causes more stress to your mind and we can’t be happy in our life. Instead of worrying you must be able to solve it, then only you can achieve success in your life. This unnecessary worry is merely a waste of time and energy.

3 Arguments

This type of people argues for every thing and they achieve what they want. With their argument they can keep others dump. Arguing with others is not at all suitable for a good personality. Considering this as your weakness and try to change it.

4 Estimate your strength and weakness

You must know about your strength and weakness Wrong estimation of your strength and weakness some times cause heavy losses in your career

5 Avoid worrying about silly matters

Don’t give more importance to the silly matters. Some people used to worry for silly matters in their life. Giving importance and showing interest in silly matters is a waste of time which is of no use to us. Try to give up worrying of silly matters in your life, as it causes unhappiness in your life.

6 Egoism

Some people will be egoistic and they will think of them selves. They think I know very thing and I don’t want others advise. This is one of the dangerous personality disorders that you have to change. Egoistic people can’t be more close to anything always clash will be there. For them it is easy to get enemity.

7 Depressions

Some people will easily get depressed if they face any hard situation in their life. This depression spoil the balance of our mind and causes unhappiness in life.

8 Shyness

Some people will be very shy and they hesitate to mingle with others. If you want to get good personality you must mingle with others, but these people keep them aloof from others. So they can’t progress in their life .Moreover others mock at them and that will be damage to their image. Don’t give such chances to others, avoid your shyness and improve your personality.

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