Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Depression , Depression , Depression - How to come out !!!

Depression , depression , depression !!! What’s this . Many freshers are keep sending , I am very much depressed. I am not able to get job. Please get a job. What for depression . Is you lost every thin in life. I really can’t able to understand what for depression . I strongly say to any , first try to get any job. Earn at least a little money. You try your dream job in parallel way. That self earning makes you to come out from depression and make you to know the new world. It’s not movie that , you can come out from the worries immediately . So it takes time for every thing. It’s not idly , or dosa , to get immediately after ordering. It’s job . It’s a tough game . So keep in mind , one day you will get the job., Try for that. Think about it. Than keep saying , I got depressed , I am worried , I am frustrated., I am having lot problems , etc . Say me , who don’t have problems ? That’s what. So try to make your self relaxed and try to spend some time for your self .Try to analyze , where the mistake there or where you are missing. In this world , job is at your hand completely. No other thing is at your hand completely .for e.g marriage , it depends with other person . So , job is having excellent feature that ,. It depends on you. You can reach your destiny , if really planed well.

Feeling depressed is not a sin. Every body will have depression at some particular moment,. But keep thinking about it and not able to come out from it , is only mistake. Don’t ask any body , how to come out from depression. You know how to enter it , so you should know how to exit from it. Sure you know. You really get spirit by own. Try to get motivated by you itself. You dream for your happy life and do it.

I really feel depressed to say to come out from depression !!! ha ha , cheer up ,and enjoy life. At this young age if you won’t enjoy , when you will enjoy life. Lets work hard and enjoy the fruits (Dream JOB).

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