Thursday, May 23, 2013

How to Have an Excellent Personality

If we possess a low confidence others critical approach make us to believe that we have a problem. When we solve this delusion we create another misapprehension to ridicule ourselves. All these problems arise only because of our thoughts .We must refine our thoughts and think positively then every thing comes well. Change your mind set and create a happy relation with yourself and others.

Critical thoughts are very toxic don’t allow any place for this in your mind. Critical thought interrupt our personal growth. Keep away your mind from critical thoughts. Consider your mind as a garden. Remove all unwanted weeds and plant flowers instead of it. Then your mind will be free Think positively about yourself and you will get the energy to face any situation in your life .Every one has some limitations and flaws in their life you should know about your flaws. When you overcome your flaws you can achieve anything in your life and it makes you confident and stronger. What you need to do is keep your mind fresh and don’t allow entering any kind of critical thoughts in your mind.

Purify your thoughts or else it is impossible to get a peaceful mind. Whenever unwanted thoughts come in your mind you just change your mind and concentrate on some other thing. Diverting your mind help you to make your self happy. Life gives us both positive and negative experiences. Think of positive experiences and appreciate it .It helps you to become more confident and develop your self- esteem. Take negative experience as a lesson and try not to repeat the same in your life time. Learning from the negatives will help you to improve.

If you want to get an excellent personality, refine your thoughts. Success arises from positive thoughts. Try to move your personality to positive self esteem. One important way to raise your self esteem is to reverse the thoughts that are oppressing you. When someone criticize you ,think, they are mistaken and I am perfect.Similarly,if you think I can’t do this ,change your thoughts and say I will learn how to do this and I can enjoy the process. Always think positively and take away the word ‘I can’t’ from your dictionary. Raise your self-esteem to improve your personality.

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