Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How to Handle the depression - Basic outline

ts Hard to handle depression moments and come back to the normal position . Saying is very easy but handling very tough. Every body almost gets depression in different situations , so throwing out the depression is not easy but the depression time can be reduced , means come out quickly from the depression than normal out time ....some of the following might be useful to come out ...

1) Meet or speak with close friends or relatives or well wishers

2) Try to share your issue with some body

3) Try read magazines / new papers or any books

4) Try to watch TV or Browse Internet

5) Try to play sports or go out from that environment

6) try to list out how you can solve that particular problem which caused you to depress , write all on a paper and check the best solution

Many are there , but its very hard to come out from the depression , but at some time its obvious to come back normal status , then why can't we make it in less time...

Be Happy .. Try to make the people to be Happy ...

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