Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How to nail a job interview

Most of the recruiters make some estimation about you in the first few minutes of the interview. Here are some tips to make a good impression about you.

· Prior to your interview, meet some people who are already working there. If possible, notice how employees are coming to office and how they behave and dress.

· Reach your destination before ten minutes and collect some information regarding the company.

· Find out time to wish and acknowledge the executives or secretarial assistant; it is conservative manners, and moreover, this person will have lots of influence .

· Take an extra copy of resume and reference letter in case the recruiter does not possess it.

· Be positive and cheerful. While you face interview sit straightly with your arms and leg uncrossed and feel more relaxed. Smile and keep a good eye contact with them.

· Be aware of company’s production, dealings, objectives, and clients.

· Answer the questions properly and prepare yourself some relevant question to ask.

· While you answer try to give the positive answer in order to create a good impression about you.

· Wind up with a positive declaration and a firm handshake. Inquire when you may follow up, and receive a business card from the recruiter.

· At the end send them a thank you letter.

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