Thursday, May 23, 2013

Feel Good about Yourself

Always feel good about yourself, poor self opinion will affect all your aspects of life especially your relation with other people. This also affects all your performance badly and at the same time it decreases your confidence level. You have to love, trust and care for yourself and always think good about yourself.

Give positive reward: When you achieve something in your life give yourself reward and say you did it well. Never wait for others appreciation .If they didn’t give you the reward you will be upset. Better give yourself reward this helps you to achieve further more and also increases your confidence level.

Lift yourself up: Analyze yourself and find out what are the things that you don’t like in you then change it. If you can not change accept it. But never hurt yourself with negative talks. Try to encourage with positive talk and you will feel better about you.

Forgive yourself: If you have committed any mistakes, forgive your self.Remember no one is perfect in this world every one will commit mistakes in life .From the mistake only you can learn the right one. Take it as a lesson to learn. All mistakes should be a lesson for you and try to forgive yourself for making mistakes.

Enjoy your success: Every will have unforgettable memories in their life. You also think of your achievements no matter how small it is and enjoy it. If you think of your success it makes you to feel good about you. Keep that memory with you and think about it whenever you get time. This will help you to increase your confidence level.

Set a goal in your mind: Set a goal in your mind and work for achieving it. When you get the good result for your hard work you feel good about you and appreciate yourself. This will motivate you to achieve more in future.

Know yourself: You must know about your strength and worries. Learn who you are and what you achieved in your life and write it down in a paper or book. This will help you to know more about yourself. Knowing about yourself will help you to overcome the barriers that stand in the way of success and happiness.

Build up confidence: With out confidence you can’t achieve anything in your life. It will affects your relationship, success, career badly. Try to improve your confidence level

Avoid comparison: don’t compare your elf with others, every one has their own plus and minus points .When you compare yourself with others you are insulting yourself and it will be damage for your image.

Develop your own style: Try to develop your own style and don’t imitate others style. Wear clothes that make you feel good and comfort. If you feel good in your costume it increases your confidence.

Learn something new: Try to know what is happening around you. Read some books which give you more information. You will feel like you are knowledgeable about current events and you feel good about yourself.

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